No. Name

01 Jourdyn Rawlins
02 Jahsief Benjamin
03 Jemoi Davis
Jahkwani Willaims
05 Me'Koi Malone
06 Ky'Ode Walters
Jaalen Roberts
Kayd Brannigan
09 Joseph Sibilly Jr.
10 Elijah McCoy
11 Jeremiah James
Lesroy Nisbett Jr.
13 Kal'Ek George

Head Coach: Fred Kopko (left)

Assistant Coach: Wayne Harvey (right)

The 2015 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2013 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2017 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2014 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

Front Row (left to right):  Elijah Peltier, A'Jai Thomas, Devante Callwood, Khamani Olivacee, Vern  C’Kai Frett, and Jermaine                                                         Sealey

Middle Row (left to right):  Tazhaun Donadelle,  Tiquori Boatswain, K'Hani Turnbull, Imran Charles Jr., Nekwante Sprauve ,                                                            Tasheem Fleming, Nykebo Warner, David Rogers Jr.

Back Row (left to right):  Keith Gruel, Deniece Turnbull, Coach Wayne Harvey, and Coach Fred Kopko.

The 2016 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

V.I. Jaguars Photo Gallery

Front Row (left to right):  Tazhaun Donadelle, Jah'fari Samuel, Mackai Smith, Nekwante Sprauve, Rekai Pinney, Devante                                                               Callwood, Anthony Joseph, Khamani Olivacce.

Back Row (left to right): Coach Fred Kopko, De'Shamoi Greaves, Willis Pinney, Keith Gruel(EM), Roberto Tapia, Nykebo                                                                Warner, Jahkeem Sackey, Coach Wayne Harvey.

The 2018 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

Picture of the new hardwood floor at the BCB Gym.

No. Name

01 Anthony Joseph 
02 De'Shamoi Bridgewater Greaves 
03 Devante Callwood
04 Jah'Fari Samuel 
05 Jahkeem Sackey
06 Khamani Olivacee
07 K'Hani Turnbull
08 Mahkai Smith
09 Nekwante Sprauve
10 Nykebo Warner 
11 Rekai Pinney
12 Tazhaun Donadelle
13 Willis Pinney III

11/16/2017 - Resgistration for the V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team begins this weekend, November 17 - 18, 2017, from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Audie E. Henneman Gymnasium at the Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School.

The Jaguars, which comprises 12 players, participate in  the International Small Fry Basketball Association. Small Fry Competition is for players no taller than 5-foot-1 and young people who have not attained the age of 12 prior to September 1 of the calendar year proceeding tournament play. A smaller basketball is used in Small Fry games and the rims are 8 feet, 6 inches tall. For more information email Mary Beth Kopko at or call Wayne Harvey at 340-513-8740.

No. Name

01 Jourdyn Rawlins

02 Jahsheem Dawson
03 JahFari Samuel
Nekwante Sprauve
Netsa Williams
10 Kimmo Emmanuel Jr.
11 Shakeem Sackey
12 Jahsief Benjamin
Jaalen Roberts
14 Zayd Brannigan
Dwanye Maduro
23 DeShamoi Greaves
20 Khamani

HeadCoach:  Fred Kopko (right)

Assistant Coach: Wayne Harvey (left)

No. Name

01 Isaiah Harvey

02 Dwayne Lynch

03 Tramoi Martin

04 Charkim Joseph

05 Rekoi Evans

06 Jourdyn Rawlins

07 LeQuan George

08 Ky'Ode Walters

09 Collins Joseph, Jr.

10 Jahjadey Hodge

11 Shaquann John-Charles

12 Kemoi Gibbs

13 Terrell Lake

Head Coach: Fred Kopko (right)
Assistant Coach: Wayne Harvey (right)